Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14 - Amok Time

Idiolexicon 505 Poetry Series -- an evening of poetry and music

8pm, April 14, 2008,
Boxcar Theatre
505 Natoma Street
San Francisco, CA

minimum donation $7


Steven Clark's opera Amok Time
(after the classic Star Trek episode,
troped on the Gerald Fried soundtrack)

Captain Kirk - William Loney
Mr. Spock - Karl Coryat
Dr. McCoy - Mark Alburger
Lt. Uhura / Stonn - Suzanna Mizell
Mr. Chekhov / T'Pring - Cynthia Weyuker
T'Pau - Susan Clark
Composer and Conductor - Steven Clark

Production Shots
(San Francisco Cabaret Opera
2006 Fresh Voices VI
Thick House Theatre, San Francisco, CA)

["Space -- the final frontier"
Alburger, Coryat, Mizell, Loney, Weyuker, Susan Clark]

["Fight to the death"
Alburger, Loney, Mizell, Susan Clark, Weyuker, Coryat]

["McCoy to Enterprise"
Coryat, Mizell, Alburger, Loney, Weyuker, Susan Clark]

Rehearsal shots, April 2, 2008

[Steven Clark]

[Loney, Susan Clark, Coryat]

[Mizell, Weyuker]

[Coryat, Loney, Alburger ("He'll die, Jim")]