Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28 - Opera America Bay Area Workshop

Opera America Bay Area Workshop (April 28, 2008), third meeting, sponsored by San Francisco Opera, at the War Memorial Opera House.

Marketing Task Force, led by Joan, in Choral Rehearsal Room in The War Memorial Opera House Annex (The Patch)

Participants to right of Joan (including representative of Opera San Jose)

Participants to left (including representative of Mendocino Opera)

Participants to extreme left (including representatives of Pocket Opera and Fresno Grand Opera)

Luncheon Main Meeting - Participants to right (with representatives of Lamplighters, Pocket Opera, Opera San Jose, and Fresno Grand Opera)

Participants to left (including representatives of San Francisco Conservatory and Opera America)

Participants to extreme left (including Nina Schuman of Cinebar Opera, Joan, David Ostwald, and representative of Mendocino Opera)

Tour of San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, downstage looking out into the house.

Offstage right

Offstage left


Lobby, with banner for San Francisco Ballet Festival of New Works -- one can only wonder when such a festival would be part of an SF Opera Season....).

Balcony corridor vortex

Holding forth in the balcony

Balcony view down to orchestra pit and stage (N.B. the two pianos and harpsichord as part of the pit set-up for New Works Festival -- looks great!)

Balcony view, audience left

More holding forth

Lower level dining

Lower level performers' lounge, with ping pong and vending machines (which means that Leonora, Radames, Tristan, Mimi, Anne Trulove, Wozzeck, Susan B. Anthony, and Gandhi may have just entered stage after making a set point or swigging a Coke),

board games and paddles (or saying "Triple word score!" or "Checkmate!" or "Ouch!").

Understage Organ Blower Door

Understage Harps

Understage 40 Legs, 50 Legs

Understage Orchestra Pit Door, close and cloudy

Understage Orchestra Pit Door, far and focused

Upon departure: Formal Continental-style garden between War Memorial Opera House and Herbst Theater, looking toward City Hall

Harriet March Page, of Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera, outside of the War Memorial

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