Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9 - The Black Horse, with a Touch of Gray

Pestilence. Plague.

Time for a Party...

Goat Hall Productions:
San Francisco Cabaret Opera presents
Horsewomen of the Apocalypse:

The Black Horse, with a Touch of Gray

8pm, Friday, May 9, 2008, at
St. Gregory of Nyssa Church
500 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA

An exciting evening of new and used music sung by an astounding all-female cast.
Free champagne at our cabaret tables, chocolate and other dark culinary delights.
Refreshments and wine available to all.

Composers: Mark Alburger, Jacques Brel, Peter Josheff,
Sheli Nan, John Partridge, Ambrose Thomas, Kurt Weill,
and Cynthia Weyuker

Singers: Elizabeth Henry,
Sarah Hutchison,
Kristen Jones,
Janet Lohr, Eliza O'Malley, Harriet March Page,
Jo Vincent Parks, Marilyn Pratt, Kelly Vomacka, and
Cynthia Weyuker (also on musical saw)

Cabaret table - $25 per person
Single seat - $20 general admission;
$15 studets and seniors

Call (415) 289-6877 for reservations.
Reservations recommended if you want a table;
otherwise, just come to the Church and pay at the door.

Visit our website at:
Further information at:

Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: The Black Horse with a Touch of Gray

St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church

(with photos from dress rehearsal, concert, and after concert):

Part I

Jacques Brel - My Death
(Janet Lohr)

Jacques Brel - Funeral Tango
(Harriet March Page)

Kurt Weill - Nana's Lied
(Janet Lohr, with Elizabeth Henry, Harriet March Page, John Partridge, Eliza O'Mally, and Vicki Holder)

Mary Watkins - Queen Clara: Andersonville
(Eliza O'Malley)

Felix Mendelssohn - Farewell Song of the Birds of Passage
Kristen Jones, Elizabeth Henry)

John Partridge - Whitman Songs
I. Darest Thous, O Soul
II. Whispers of Heavenly Death
(Harriet March Page, John Partridge)

Ambrose Thomas - Hamlet: Orphelia's Mad Scene
(Marilyn Pratt, Matthew Evans)

Sheli Nan - Saga: Portrait of a 21st-Century Child
I. Babysitter from Hell
II. Cabin in the Woods
III. I Want a Man on a Motorcycle
(Joe Vincent Parks, Kelly Vomacka, Eliza O'Malley, Sheli Nan)

Part II

Cynthia Weyuker - Lone Shanakyle (On the Potato Famine)
(Sarah Hutchison, Cynthia Weyuker)

Peter Josheff - Four Poems by Mary Holmes
I. Life Is a Feast
II. Orion
III. Riddle
IV. Daphne
(Peter Josheff, Eliza O'Malley)

Mark Alburger - San Rafael News:
Ten Deathsongs on Found Texts
I. AIDSong
II. Conference Room Technique
III. Death Catch
IV. Immortality
V. Life Span
VI. Ozymandias (Shelley)
VII. Pontoon Tattoo
VIII. Rain-Death Fugato
IX. The Reproductive Organs
X. Sylvia Dreyer
(Harriet March Page, Janet Lohr,
Elizabeth Henry, Kristen Jones, Eliza O'Malley)