Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 6 - Opera Arias and Mice and Men

Goat Hall Productions presents


Arias and Duets from
Mozart, Donizetti, Verdi, Puccini
and more, plus

scenes from
Mark Alburger's

Mice and Men

(after John Steinbeck)

Each show will feature different arias/duets

Champagne reception after each performance!

Saturday, September 6, 8 pm
Sunday, September 7, 4 pm
Friday, September 12, 7:30 pm
Sunday, September 14, 4pm

Community Music Center
544 Capp Street, San Francisco
(East of Mission, West of South Van Ness,
between 20th and 21st Streets)

Free on-street parking weekdays/Saturdays
after 6pm and all day Sundays

Tickets - $15 adults / $10 seniors and students
Reservations - (415) 289-6877

Scenes from

An Opera in Five Acts

Mark Alburger

After John Steinbeck

CHARACTERS In order of appearance

GEORGE Wayne Wong

LENNIE Maria Mikheyenko

CANDY Alix Jerinic

BOSS / CARLSON Megan Cullen

CURLEY Mark Alburger

CURLEY'S WIFE Suzanna Mizell


SLIM / WHIT Erin Lahm

CROOKS Adam Broner

PIANIST Alexander Katsman

SCENE The Salinas River Valley, California, circa 1935

ACT I The Pond
ACT II The Bunkhouse
ACT III The Bunkhouse
ACT IV Crook's Shack
ACT V Scene 1 The Barn
Scene 2 The Pond

Rehearsal shots, 8/10/08

Act I K "We're gonna get the jack together" (Wong, Mikheyenko)

"What you gonna say tomorrow to the boss?"

"I can sure remember"

"George, you asleep?"

Act II C "Where you boys been workin'?" (Wong, Mikheyenko, Cullen)

"Him, too?" (Wong, Mikheyenko, Cullen)

"I'll be watchin' you" (Wong, Mikheyenko, Cullen)

"So you wasn't gonna say a word!" (Wong, Mikheyenko)

Act 2 H "He was in here a minute ago" (Mizell, Mikheyenko, Wong)

"Hi, Slim" (Mikheyenko, Mizell, Lahm)

"Keep away from her" (Wong, Mikheyenko)

Act III F "Seen the new kid?" (Wong, Mikheyenko, Lahm)

"Ain't she a lulu?" (Wong, Mikheyenko, Lahm)

Act IV E "Any you boys seen Curley?" (Lahm, Mikheyenko, Broner, Mizell)

"It's funny how whenever" (Mizell, Lahm, Mikheyenko, Broner)

Act 5, Scene 1 A "I'm lonely" (Mizell, Pratt, Mikheyenko)

"I want to talk to someone" (Pratt, Mikheyenko, Mizell)

Act V, Scene 1 C "Ah, you're messin' it up!" (Mizell, Mikheyenko, Pratt)

"That's enough!"

"You're gonna get me in trouble!" (Pratt, Mikheyenko, Mizell)

"Ah!" (Pratt, Mikheyenko, Mizell)

Postlude (Mizell, Pratt)

Act V, Scene 2 Finale "And I can tend the rabbits" (Wong, Mikheyenko)

"Look there, across the river." (Wong, Mikheyenko)

"You and me" (Mikheyenko, Wong)

"I gotta. We gotta." (Wong)

Dress Rehearsal
September 5, 2008
San Francisco Community Music Center
Capp Street, San Francisco

Act I K "Tell us how it's gonna be." (Wong, Mikheyenko)

"We're gonna get our own little place." (Wong, Mikheyenko)

"The ranch is 'bout a quarter mile up that way" (Wong, Mikheyenko)

"But you ain't to get in no trouble" (Wong, Mikheyenko)

Act II Prelude (Katsman, Lahm, Cullen, Jerenic, Mizell, Pratt)

(Lahm, Cullen, Jerenic, Mizell)