Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 14 - Not Shy and Retiring...

Goat Hall Productions
Harriet March Page, Artistic Director
Fresh Voices XII
Not Shy and Retiring:
Mark Alburger's 55th and Friends

A Benefit for Goat Hall Productions and
San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra

8pm, Saturday, April 14, 2012
Community Music Center,

544 Capp Street,

San Francisco, CA

Samuel Barber - Sure on this Shining Night, Op. 13, No. 3 (1938)
                    Sarita Cannon, Soprano
                    Mark Alburger, Piano

Craig Cornelia - Flight                       

Kurt Weill - Stay Well
                    Annemarie Ballinger, Soprano

Ann Calloway - Vladimir in Butterfly Country: Aria
                    Richard Mix, Bass
                    Ann Calloway, Piano

Steven Greenman - In torbe funem vind (In the sack of the wind)       
                    Heather Klein, Soprano
                    Darren Sagawa, Violin
                    Alla Gladysheva, Piano

Gary Friedman - Three Happy Oboists (2010)               
                    Thea Davison, Oboe
                    Gary Friedman, Oboe d'amore
                    Moira Little, English horn

Alden Jenks -

             Unrestful Sleep                       
                    Mikako Endo, Piano

John McGrew - Three Haiku
                    Maria Mikheyenko, Soprano                               
                    Mark Alburger, Oboe
                    John Bilotta, Piano
                    John McGrew, Bass

Helena Michelson - The Game: Mirage
                    Helena Michelson, Piano

Sheli Nan - Saga: I Want a Man on a Motorcycle   
                    Crystal Philippi, Mezzo-Soprano
                    Sheli Nan, Piano

Lisa Scola Prosek - Daughter of the Red Tzar
                    Crystal Philippi, Mezzo-Soprano
                    Lisa Scola Prosek, Piano                   

Mark Alburger - The Decameron, Op. 200 (2012)               
                    First Day - Novel I. Ser Ciappelletto
                    Sarita Cannon, Soprano   
                    Mark Alburger, Tenor           
                    Wayne Wong, Bass-Baritone               

           Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp
                    ("Family"), Op. 201 (2012): I. Allegro
                    Michael Garvey, Bassoon               
                    Lori Garvey, Contrabassoon               
                    Samantha Garvey, Harp                   
                    Mark Alburger, Piano

           Psalms, Book IV, Op. 202 (2012): II. Psalm 92:
                    5-11. ... Unicorn / 12-14 ... Palm Trees
                    Sarita Cannon, Soprano
                    Mark Alburger, Tenor / Piano                               
                    Wayne Wong, Piano