Saturday, November 8, 2008

November 8 - SFCCO Moving Targets

Mark Alburger, Music Director

Moving Targets

Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 8 pm
Old First Presbyterian Church
1751 Sacramento Street/Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94109

Martha Stoddard,  conducting


Gary Friedman
     Octet for Winds    
          On The Go

Davide Verotta
     Sinfonia Per Orchestra da Camera  

Lisa Scola Prosek
          I. La Badessa
          II. Little Fast Ones  


Sheli Nan
     Signatures in Time and Place  
          I. Romanesque
          II. The Corinthian Order

Clare Twohy

Martha Stoddard
     In Search of Planet X  

Bruce Salvisberg
Harry Bernstein

Phil Freihofner
Gary Friedman

Rachel Condry
David Treganowen

Michael Cooke
Michael Garvey
Lori Garvey

French Horn
Cathleen Torres
Frank Lahorgue

Pierce Yamaoka

Davide Verotta

Victor Flaviani
Anne Szabla
Davide Verotta
Alexis Alrich

Violin I
Monika Gruber

Violin II
Hande Erdem

Clare Twohy

Dan Reiter
Moses Sedler

Ellen Lin

Friday, November 7, 2008

November 7-16 - Opera Apocalypse

Goat Hall Productions /
San Francisco Cabaret Opera


Mark Alburger's Antigone

John Bilotta's Quantum Mechanic

Amy Beth Kirsten's Ophelia Forever

8pm, Friday-Sunday, November 7-9
The Next Stage
1620 Gough (near Bush), SF

8pm, Friday, November 14; 7pm Sunday, November 16
Chapel of the Chimes
4499 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland

7:30pm, Saturday, November 15
Temple United Methodist Church
1111 Junipero Serra Boulevard (@ 19th Avenue), SF


ANTIGONE (libretto after Jean Anouilh and Sophocles) is a "grid" opera based on W.A. Mozart's The Magic Flute, from which is taken form (often including exact number of measures, tempo markings, and keys), but little content. Much of the music was written in the spirit of the title character: that of rebellion -- major keys become minor, very slow tempi become very fast, stolid rhythms become almost irrationally syncopated. The opera also alludes to Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach and Akhnaten, 50's rock, J.S. Bach's Cantata No. 140 ("Wachet Auf"), Ancient Greek music, 70's pop, Arthur Sullivan, Gian Carlo Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors, Sergei Prokofiev's Symphony No. 3, the Beach Boys, John Barry's Dances With Wolves, Igor Stravinsky's Pulcinella and Ebony Concerto, Giuseppe Verdi's La Traviata and Aida, Meredith Willson's The Music Man, Alburger's Sonata for Oboe, Piano, and Percussion, and Balinese gamelan music.

Antigone - Eliza O'Malley (11/7 and 9)
Antigone - Letitia C. Page (11/8)
Creon - Micah Epps
Haemon / Messenger / Guard III - Michael Desnoyers
Ismene - Kimberley Anderman
Nurse / Eurydice - Meghan Dibble
Guard I - Maria Mikheyenko
Guard II - Erin Lahm
Antigone's Handmaid - Alix Jerinic
Ismene's Handmaid / Antigone Dancer - Dalyte Kodzis
Oedipus / Haemon Dancer - William Loney
Page - Lisa McHenry
The Puppetmaster - Terence Bennan
The Fixer - Adam Broner

Artistic Director - Harriet March Page
Music Director - Mark Alburger
Piano - Keisuke Nakagoshi
Choreographer - William Loney

Dress Rehearsal 11/6/08

[I. CHORUS - "Here we are"
Dibble, O'Malley, Jerinic, Kodzis, Lahm, Mikheyenko,
Desnoyers, Bennan, Epps, Broner, McHenry]

[V. DUET - "Where is your pain"
Jerinic, Kodzis, Anderman, Dibble]

[VI. DUET - "Haemon"
O'Malley, Desnoyers]

[VII. ARIA - "I can't sleep"
Dibble, Jerinic, O'Malley, Anderman]

[Jerinic, Kodzis, Page, Anderman, Lahm, Mikheyenko]

[VIII. DUET - "It's like this"
Mikheyenko, Bennan, Epps, Broner, Loney]

[XI. TRIO - "What is this"
Mikheyenko, O'Malley, Bennan, Epps, Broner, Loney]

[IX. CHORUS - "The spring is wound"
Dibble, Anderman, Mikheyenko, Jerinic, Kodzis, Desnoyers, Epps, Loney]

[Mikheyenko, Broner, Bennan, Epps, Desnoyers,
O'Malley, Anderman, Dibble, Jerinic, Kodzis]

[Bennan, Broner, Mikheyenko, Desnoyers, Anderman,
O'Malley, Dibble, Jerinic, Kodzis, Loney]

[XVI. DUET - "Antigone / You, too"
Kodzis, Anderman, Bennan, Epps, O'Malley, Broner, Jerinic, Loney]

XVIII. DUET - "It's you"
Lahm, O'Malley, Mikheyenko]

XIX. ARIA - "News to break your heart"
[Mikheyenko, Kodzis, Epps, Bennan, Desnoyers, Loney]

[Lahm, Mikheyenko, Epps, Bennan, Desnoyers, Broner, McHenry]

[Loney, Mikheyenko, Kodzis, Bennan, Epps, Desnoyers]

[Lahm, Mikheyenko, Loney, Kodzis, Epps,
Bennan, Desnoyers, Broner, McHenry]

[Mikheyenko, Loney, Epps, Kodzis, Broner, Desnoyers]

[Lahm, Mikheyenko, Loney, Kodzis, Epps,
Bennan, Broner, Desnoyers, McHenry]

[XX. SEXTET - "I've had them laid"
Epps, McHenry, Broner]

[Lahm, Mikheyenko, McHenry, Epps, Broner]

[XXI. CHORUS - "There we are"
Dibble, Page, Anderman, Jerinic, Kodzis, Lahm,
Mikheyenko, Desnoyers, Bennan, Epps]

[Kodzis, Lahm, Mikheyenko, Desnoyers,
Bennan, Epps, Broner, McHenry, Loney]