Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31 - New Music New Year's Bash

Mark Alburger and Harriet March Page
request the honor of your presence
at a year-end concert-party!
(Fresh Voices XI
Festival of New Works)

December 31, 2011

Community Music Center
544 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA

A benefit for Goat Hall and SF Composers Orchestra

Nancy Bloomer Deussen's Adirondack Morn;

John Bilotta's Yeats Songs, with Tristan Robben; Philip Freihofner's Where My Breathing Whispers (Diane Frank), with Eliza O'Malley and Kelsey Walsh;

Ji Yoo's performance of Motherless Child;

Kurt Weill's Lonely House (Annemarie Ballinger) and  

First Threepenny Finale (Harriet March Page);

Martha Stoddard's Quartet for Two Oboes and Two Bassoons and Duo for Bassoons (with Philip Freihofner, Mark Alburger, and Michael and

Lori Garvey);

Dylan Greengard's Bullfight with Self, The Plight of Josef K., and  

The Wrath of Poseidon (the latter in which the composer-guitarist is joined by violinist Asuka Yanai;

Mark Alburger's Business As Usual and

Rozalina Gutman's Music.  We wrap up official proceedings at 11:45pm, toasting the coming year with a theme-and-variations playlist of multiple Auld Lange Synes found online including --

Andrew L
Andre Rieu
A Beautiful Lotus
Harry Koizumi
Jack Ingram
Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis
Anne McGinty
Kenny G
Alfred Publications

-- counting down to the witching hour, shouting,

dancing, and singing Christmas Carrels - A: Lang Syne.  

Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12 - Underground Sound

Mark Alburger, MWE, and Tom Sway

8pm, Monday, December 12
Stage Werx, 446 Valencia
San Francisco, CA

Including Mark Alburger's Business As Usual, Op. 49
Live performance, with nine new videos!