Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 2 - Swarthmore Composers Concert

4th Annual Swarthmore College 
Student and Alumni 
Composers Concert

3pm, Saturday, November 2, 2013
Lang Concert Hall
Swarthmore College


Martin Carillo
     Identification (2013)

               Movie Excerpt / Film Score

Lacy James
     Circles of Swallows (2013)

               Lacy James - Voice and Mandolin

Mark Alburger
     Portraits of Three [Flute] Players, Op. 11 (1978)
          I.  Music for Marilyn
          II.  Anne's Ten-Dollar Music
          III.  The Mountains of Colorado (for Carol)

               Deborah H. How - Flute
               Mark Alburger - Piano

Bradley J. Carter
     Word Leathers to Shield from a Windless Winter (2013)

               Zachery Tanner, Viola

     Draconic Algebra (2013)

               Bradley J. Carter - Voice and Electronics

Ben Kapilow
     Flat White (2013)

               Ben Kapilow - Piano

 Ben Thomas
     Things Happen to Bears (2005)


Clif Kussmaul
     Canon for Kotekan with Gangsa (2013)

               Clif Kussmaul, Ben Kussmaul, Christy Roysdon - Gamelan

Jeremy Rappaport-Stein
     Six Songs (2013)

               Clara Rottsolk - Soprano
               Andrew Hauze - Piano

Peter Schickele
     Dream Dances (1988)
          I.  Minuet
          V.  Sarabande

               Deborah H. How - Flute
               Mark Alburger - Oboe
               Thomas Whitman - Cello

Gabriel Riccio
     Winding Through Angles (2009)

                    Samuel Lorber - Alto Saxophone

Please join us in the Upper Lobby of Lang

for a reception following the concert sponsored by the

Swarthmore College Department of Music and Dance
Alumni Relations Office
& Friends of Music and Dance at Swarthmore